P550W Series Air Dryers

(Up to 350 SCFD continuous)


  • Air delivery up to 550 SCFD
  • Available in 120 VAC & 220 VAC models
  • Remote real-time data and alarm reset capabilities
  • SNMP communication compatible
  • Digital display of all operating parameters
  • 8,000 hour maintenance interval
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Versatile installation
  • Ultra quiet compressor

P550W Series

120 VAC 220 VAC
Standard Pressure P550W P552W
Low Pressure P550WLP P552WLP
w/ 4-Port Outlet (above model #) + H
w/ Outdoor Enclosure (above model #) + X

P550W P550WLP P552W P552WLP
Output Capacity Normal: Up to 350 SCFD (9.9 SCMD) continuous
Maximum: 550 SCFD (15.6 SCMD) emergency
Power Requirements 110 - 125 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
(15 Amp service recommended)
208 - 253 VAC, 1 Phase, 50 / 60 Hz
(15 Amp service recommended)
Running Amps 7.0 Amps 3.5 Amps
Outlet Pressure Range2 - 15 PSIG
(13.8 - 103.4 KPa)
0.30 - 7.50 PSIG
(2.07 - 51.71 KPa)
2 - 15 PSIG
(13.8 - 103.4 KPa)
0.30 - 7.50 PSIG
(2.07 - 51.71 KPa)
Outlet Air Relative Humidity Less than 2% RH
Compressor Type Two-cylinder, 1/3 HP, oil-less type
Dehydrating Method Heatless Desiccant
Operating Temperature Range 40° to 85° F (5° to 30° C) (optimal)
Noise Level 48 dBA at 10' (3 m)
Alarms Standard Alarms - complete readings of all critical measurement points, individual alarm indication display, including SNMP communication
Outlet Connections 3/8" tube fitting
(w/ 4-Port Outlet - 3/8" Press-to-lock tube fittings and shut off valves)
Dimensions 12" D x 17.25" W x 27" H (30.5 cm D x 43.8 cm W x 68.6 cm H)
Weight 74 lbs (33.6 kgs)

Racks & Brackets

Part No. Description
P011674 Universal Rack Mounting Kit (19" and 23" equipment racks)
P011773 Wall Mounting Kit

Maintenance Kits

Part No. Description
P011798 6-Month Maintenance Kit
P011673 8,000 Hour Maintenance Kit

Cycle Module Interface

Part No. Description
PVDW34 Allows for communication with a PUREGAS Remote Access Dryer Cycling Module


Part No. Description
PMP25A20 3/8", Black, Polyethylene Tubing

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P550W Series Specification Sheet

P550W Series User's Guide

P550W Series Installation Guide

P550W2 Series User's Guide (Metric)

SNMP Files

P550W Series MIB & Parser Files

P550W2 Series MIB & Parser Files (Metric)

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The P550W Series Air Dryers can be accessed via Web Browser through the local area network

or over the internet to perform operations like checking status, configuring settings, viewing report logs and resetting alarms.



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P550W Series Air Dryer


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