Mini Monitoring Systems


The PUREGAS Mini Monitoring Systems are designed to monitor Dedicated, Binary, and Addressable transducers. Perfect for smaller remote locations including Huts and CEVs.

PVD818 Mini Monitoring System


PVD818 Mini Monitoring Module

  • Monitors Binary, Dedicated & Subscriber Transducers
  • Supports monitoring of 15 Puregas Devices and 25 Transducers
  • Daisy chain two Modules to double Transducer capacity

  • Can be configured as a standalone system or used to poll other Mini Systems
  • Supports Ethernet, PSTN and Serial communications
  • Continuous real-time scanning
  • Remote firmware upgrade capability
  • Uses Sparton programming protocols
  • NEBS level 3 compliant
  • Includes support software: PGComm, PGEditor, and PGHist


Part No. Description
PVD818 Monitoring of 25 Binary, Dedicated & Subscriber Transducers and
up to 15 Puregas Devices

Mounting Panels

Part No. Description
P011265 Mounts a Mini Module to a 23" Rack
P0112659 Mounts a Mini Module to a 19" Rack

Power Supply

Part No. Description
PVD48VT Portable Power Supply - Converts AC power to -48 VDC

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Specification Sheet


Included Software (+ Documentation)


PVD818 Firmware

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All PUREGAS Monitoring Systems include a Web Browser Interface that allows the user to connect remotely to their equipment

through their network or internet to perform operations like checking status and viewing reports.



Click the link below to connect to our Live Demo System:


PVD818 Mini Monitoring System


(Please note that some systems may be offline for various reasons)


Web Browser Screen Shot