About Us

Company Profile

For over 50 years, PUREGAS has been the market leader in air pressurization and compressed air treatment systems. Dedicated to quality and committed to continuous innovation, PUREGAS has pushed the market and the competition to do more for less. PUREGAS offers a full line of air pressurization equipment for the telecommunication industry, featuring state-of-the-art monitoring for improved reliability and reduced operating expense. PUREGAS provides air dryers to all domestic telephone companies and internationally on six continents. Backed by a comprehensive parts and service network, PUREGAS air dryers simply outlive the competition. PUREGAS’ air dryer technology is not limited to the telecommunication industry. A full line of miniature compressed air dryers provides the same time-tested designs to the fluid power, instrumentation, ozone generation, and other industrial OEM markets.

In 2004, PUREGAS added the MOPECO line of Safety and Ventilation Products to its operations. Combining the brand name recognition and reputation for reliability of MOPECO with the proven innovation talents of PUREGAS, only strengthens a trusted name in the safety market.

In 2003 PUREGAS joined the ALTEC Team of quality-driven products and services. ALTEC is the world’s leading manufacturer of aerial devices and digger derricks for electric utility, tree care, and telecommunications industries. 2004 marks its 75th year of delivering safer and smarter products. ALTEC has a proven record of manufacturing excellence and has achieved industry’s highest quality standards.

The addition of PUREGAS to the ALTEC Team has allowed PUREGAS to reach a new level of manufacturing efficiency and product innovation. For the customer, this will mean a new generation of PUREGAS products that provide performance, quality, and reliability -- without the cost: THE VALUE STANDARD!

Our Values

PUREGAS is ever pursuing a singular vision:

To be recognized by customers as the preferred supplier of compressed air treatment systems,
by delivering improved system reliability, higher productivity, and lower operating costs.

PUREGAS' Values help to sustain that vision and everyone in our company plays an essential role in helping us achieve it. The following Values represent what each PUREGAS associate stands for, believes in, and strives toward.

    • Customer First
    • Enjoyment of Work
    • Family
    • Financial Stability
    • Integrity
    • People Are Our Greatest Strength
    • Quality
    • Spiritual Development
    • Teamwork

Quality Commitment

Product reliability and best-in-class value are the primary design considerations for all PUREGAS products. Effective supply chain management and lean manufacturing – with built-in quality assurance practices – ensure world-class quality and on-time delivery.

PUREGAS Quality Commitment:
Team PUREGAS is committed to quality in everything we do. Our performance standard is zero defects and we will be satisfied only when we meet all internal and external customer requirements, each and every time. We are focused on doing it right the first time to earn our customers' satisfaction.